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  • Posted Mon at 6:35 PM
    But you might want to RS gold understand"well if he dies what can you get, does he shed all his things only the like the wilderness?" No all he loses is the item/items that he obtained from the chest. You might be asking"well can you just walk up to some random individual and steal his items?"

    Whatever you will do is look at your screen and on the list that shows your inventory, pursuit list, stats and all the other things there'll be a new icon (the thieving icon of the tiny black mask). When you click that it will display a list of approximately five people that you are supposed to steal from. It also shows the present things which you've obtained from other competitor which you stole from.

    Lets say you run into one of your aims, since there are many hiding places all over the thieving area you may observe a hollow tree and click on"hide in shrub" and should you click on that option you may jump into the tree and your own icon on the map will evaporate. Okay since your target is in site you look on the map to determine where he's (you target shows up as a purple dot on your map). Now along with buy OSRS gold your target record and thing viewer on your thieving bar on your principal list of choices (inv. Q points and these ) there's a meter that shows you whether your target is in range of you or not.